NECF Customer Service Refresher


Note: NECF Customer Service Refresher courses have now closed for 2023. You are required to complete the initial NECF training course if you have missed this refresher course. Please contact Darren Daley at darren.daley@energyq.com.au to nominate for the next initial NECF training.

Refresh your knowledge of Energy Queensland’s National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) obligations and the responsibilities in relation to identifying, mitigating, and reporting potential breaches.

Training Mode Online
Duration Self paced
COST (ex. GST) $60 per person


Upcoming Course Sessions

Self paced
COST (ex. GST)$60.00
Date & Time Locations No. of People COST (ex. GST)
Self paced

Skills Acquired

On successful completion of this module including all prerequisites and assessments you should have these skills:

  • Understand the importance of upholding NECF obligations
  • Understand the risks and repercussions of non-compliance
  • Categorise scenarios into NECF breach types
  • Gain awareness of the impact that non-compliance has on our customers
  • Be able to identify, report and mitigate breaches