Radiofrequency Radiation Awareness


To provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to work safely in the vicinity of Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation emitting equipment, operated by external parties.

Training refresher: Not required for this course.

Note: This course will require participants to use a headset.

Training Mode Online
Duration Self paced
COST (ex. GST) $60 per person


This course has no prerequisites.

Upcoming Course Sessions

Self paced
COST (ex. GST)$60.00
Date & Time Locations No. of People COST (ex. GST)
Self paced

Skills Acquired

On successful completion of this module including all prerequisites and assessments you should have these skills:

  • Explain the basic properties of and potential health issues associated with RFR
  • Identify the various types of RFR-emitting equipment that may be installed on or in the vicinity of ENERGEX assets
  • Interpret RFR management signage associated with RFR-emitting equipment
  • Obtain information concerning RFR-emitting equipment sites from the EnerGISe system
  • State and demonstrate general familiarity with applicable regulations, standards and manuals pertaining to RFR-emitting equipment installations
  • State Energex's RFR Exclusion Zones for RFR-emitting equipment
  • Demonstrate familiarity with procedures for antenna de-energisation, isolation and re-energisation
  • Locate required information within the Energex Safety Manual (ESM), and ENERGEX Shared Asset Works Management BMS Procedure 1102