Manual Tasks


This course provides guidance on when performing Manual Tasks that require the use of force exerted by a person to grasp, manipulate, strike, throw, carry, move (lift, lower, push, pull), hold or restrain an object, load or body part.

Training refresher: Not required for this course.

Training Mode Online
Duration Self paced
COST (ex. GST) $60 per person


This course has no prerequisites.

Upcoming Course Sessions

Self paced
COST (ex. GST)$60.00
Date & Time Locations No. of People COST (ex. GST)
Self paced

Skills Acquired

On successful completion of this module including all prerequisites and assessments you should have these skills:

  • Explain the meaning of manual tasks as the relate to the field and office work environment
  • Access and identify information regarding manual tasks policy, procedures, codes of practice and legislation
  • Identify management controls for reducing or eliminating the risk of injury from manual tasks
  • Demonstrate safe lifting and handling