Introduction to Queensland Legislation and Codes of Practice (1027)


On completion of this course, participants will have knowledge of the relevant Queensland Laws, Legislation and Codes of Practice when working safely near live electrical lines and apparatus as a non-electrical worker.

Note: This course is required by any person wanting to become an Authorised Person and holds the Unit of Competency UETTDREL14A - Working Safely Near Live Electrical Apparatus for Non-Electrical Workers.

Training Mode Online
Duration Self paced
COST (ex. GST) $60 per person


This course has no prerequisites.

Upcoming Course Sessions

Self paced
COST (ex. GST)$60.00
Date & Time Locations No. of People COST (ex. GST)
Self paced

Skills Acquired

On successful completion of this module including all prerequisites and assessments you should have these skills:

  • Queensland Laws, Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Working near overhead and underground electric lines
  • Exclusion zones and unsafe distances
  • Operating plant near overhead power lines
  • Working in Safety Observer Zone and Authorisation Zone
  • Working near underground electric lines
  • Obtaining Electrical Safety Advice for working near overhead electric lines