Generic Contractor Worker Induction (GCWI)


The induction provides instruction on the organisational environment, safety awareness, environmental awareness and cultural heritage awareness so as to provide a safe working environment. Recognised as equivalent to Energex GCI course.

Training refresher: Not required for this course.

Note: All contractors who undertake work on or in the vicinity of the Ergon Energy distribution network, need to complete the Working Safely Near Live Electrical Lines and Apparatus (4490).

Training Mode Online
Duration Self paced
COST (ex. GST) $60 per person


This course has no prerequisites.

Upcoming Course Sessions

Self paced
COST (ex. GST)$60.00
Date & Time Locations No. of People COST (ex. GST)
Self paced

Skills Acquired

On successful completion of this module including all prerequisites and assessments you should have these skills:

  • Ergon Energy administration and overview
  • Work health and safety requirements
  • Field safety essentials
  • Safety awareness
  • Environmental awareness
  • Cultural Heritage awareness
  • GWCI
  • gwci
  • gci